Avian Behavior and Training

Avian bird Behavior training

Well socialized and trained birds have meaningful, fun filled and affectionate relationships with their human companions. Parrot training should start from the time birds first leave the nest and have contact with  people. Our avian veterinarians are experienced with bird behaviour and training and will often be able to help with behavioral challenges you may have during a routine consultation or ‘well bird check’. Sometimes it is not possible to adequately cover the issues involved in a routine consultation, in which case re-booking a ‘behaviour and training consult’ with our visiting bird behaviouralist, may be recommended.

In complex cases that involve bird ‘mental health’ issues we may also suggest drawing on the expertise of a specialist veterinary behaviouralist with whom we sometimes collaborate.


Veterinary Specialist  Dr Ley doing bird  behavior training at Bird Vet Melbourne

Specialist bird Behavior vet Specialist Behavior vet

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