Excellent Care

We are able to offer your pet
bird excellent veterinary care from
preventative medicine to advanced medical,
diagnostic and surgical procedures

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We’re passionate

We’re passionate about birds’ health and
welfare and our fully equipped clinic is
specially designed
and equipped to cater for the needs of
your bird. Between them the avian vets,
Drs Pat Macwhirter, Phil Sacks and
Michelle Sutherland have had more than
40 years experience in the field

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Good Hands

You can be confident that your bird
will be in good hands as all our veterinarians
have been trained in avian medicine both
in Australia and internationally,
we have the only registered veterinary specialist
in bird medicine in Victoria and
our clinic is an approved facility for training specialist
avian veterinarians in Australia and North America

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Our Staff

Our staff are avian trained and are able to offer
sound advice on nutrition, enrichment, husbandry
and bird care. A bird behaviouralist is
available for consultations to help owners develop
healthy, happy relationships with their birds
and to address any behavior problems that may arise.

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Centrally Located

Our clinic is centrally located in a safe,
quiet location with ample parking.
Established for over 30 years,
we operate as part of Burwood Bird and
Animal Hospital

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At Bird Vet Melbourne we understand the deep connections people form with birds and our bird veterinarians provide caring, competent, specialist veterinary care for avian patients.


Our services include full specialist avian medical, surgical and diagnostic services to cater for your individual birds’ health and welfare


  • We really care about your pet - with a brilliant bird hospital set up.
  • Each bird patient is in a heated incubator - with carefully, lovingly placed toys and perches.
  • We understand birds and are able to give "our" bird patients human kindness and companionship.
  • Our bird vet clinic is fully equipped and up-to.date to cater for the unique requirements of sick bird patients.
  • The vets and Nurses are all experienced in looking after little avian patients (we also get 20kg Turkeys)
  • Our nursing staff are avian trained and able to offer advice about bird care and nutrition.
  • The bird vet hospital is centrally located
  • the Avian hospital is Open 7 days a week -sick birds also need treatments on Sundays !
  • Easy onsite parking at the Bird Vet Hospital
  • We’re passionate about bird health and welfare.
  • All our bird vets are highly experienced and have trained internationally in Bird Medicine.
  • We have worked with the only veterinary bird specialist in Bird Medicine in Victoria.
  • We are an approved facility for training avian veterinary specialists for Australia and North America and Senior Academic Associates of the University of Melbourne.
  • We have bird "wheelchairs " to facilitate healing after fracture repair.
  • We are Chicken vets and love treating chickens